A wedding in NYC – How to tie the knot when you have a travel bug

“Walking down the aisle”

For many years this term meant one thing to me: carrying my trolley to seat 19A of flight XY1234 and feeling the thrill of the plane take off to my next travel destination.

Until last year I didn’t understand what was so special about having a wedding ring when you can wear a ring from a souvenir shop in Tanzania and another one made of seashells from the Philippines. And then one day it hit me – I was engaged and had no idea what to do with this status, which wasn’t a flight status, but instead a mix of gold and deep love. How was I to complete this new kind of journey?

Today I will reveal how to tie the knot when you have a travel bug – this is how to elope in New York City.

Read the whole article and see all pictures on Travelettes.

© Michaela Blum

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